Urban Chiaroscuro 2007 & 2012

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Inspired by Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s menacing series of etchings ‘Carceri d’Invenzione’ (Imaginary Prisons) c.1745-61, in this series Emily uses her digital collage technique to explore ideas of social restriction in the modern European city.

Urban Chiaroscuro offers a visual meditation on the claustrophobic climate of fear and the prevalence of the technology of surveillance in the city today. Each artwork has a distinctive colour palette and forms a journey around the city of London, Rome, Paris or St. Petersburg, compressed into a single scene. The digital tools she uses to create the subtle blending of layers and colour modulation in her works reveal a painter’s eye.

All works are in an edition of 8 (4 x large, 4 x medium) + 2 APs

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